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This painting was created using acrylic paints. 

It is based off a photograph which I had taken at Yorkshire Sculpture park. 

It is inspired by no particular style, it was quite an experimental piece for me.

The mixture of brush strokes works well and it allows the movement to flow through the image. There is enough colour depth between the hills to show the distance captured in the original photograph. 


This painting was created using water colour paints and coloured pencils. 

It is based off a photograph which I had taken at the Headland/ Old Hartlepool. 

This was inspired by two artists, L.S Lowry and Hannah Cole. 

The people on the beach was painted in Lowry's well-known style and the peer, buildings and sky were painted and drawn in Cole's style. The beach and sea was painted using my own experimental style.


Here I have used acrylic paints.

When designing this piece, I was looking at the topic 'Surrealism'. This was inspired by Dali's painting of an pond in the silhouette of an eye. 

To make this my own, I used a photograph of my own eye and included trees, the night sky and hands as they are all things that inspire me artistically. 

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